Faberis is a company that designs and manufactures products that combine wisdom, innovation, and quality. For 18 years, we have been developing and manufacturing a variety of sophisticated products for our customers. Our customers – the customers who have an idea for a product but cannot implement it.

We have developed many prototypes that later become the serial products that our customers successfully realize or use in their operations. We also design and manufacture for the system integrators. System integrators – the companies that create the production lines and Faberis designs and manufacture the separate parts or modules for these lines.

Our employees are highly qualified specialists who are always ready to offer individual and innovative solutions. Over 18 years, we have designed hundreds of unique products. We are delighted that all of our products are successful and are not a concern for our customers. We are especially proud of the high-tech products we have developed with our partners: measuring, sorting, loading, cutting, mixing, dosing, packing, and other equipment working separately and with conjunction with robots. 

Our products are of high quality and distributed in different countries of the world: Denmark, the USA, Spain, Kenya, Uruguay, Estonia, Latvia, Ukraine and other.

Our values

Focus on customers. We work for and with our customers to improve their production and logistics processes.

Dialogue-based communication. Honest and relevant communication, based on dialogue and value-adding conduct, forms the basis for creating strong relations with our customers.

Flexible & proactive environment. We stimulate and support a proactive working environment. We are motivated by potential and are proud of the dynamic and proactive response to change within our company.

Innovative development. We apply high technology and creative input (also from the outside), and we attract the best-qualified competences in our constant efforts to strengthen Faberis innovative capacities.

Proper & trustworthy behavior. Our work is based on the principle of trustworthy leadership, and we take pride in being a reliable and respectful partner – towards customers, employees, business connections and society in general.

Working culture

We take pride in being the best at what we do. Working in Faberis is both challenging and inspiring. We are energetic and result-oriented, and we pursue our goals. At Faberis we give our employees a large responsibility and a reason to be proud of the company and our products.

We experiment with new thoughts and methods – learn from our own experience and history. We also learn from the experience and best practice of others.

We wish to create something good. The culture must be motivating. We have a company where everyone feels the joint ownership and is willing to shoulder responsibility.