Pallet dispenser

Pallet dispenser


The pallet dispenser is designed for separating pallets and not only pallets one by one from the stack.


• Fully automates pallet supply to the line
• Replaces one or more employees depending on the size of the pallets.
• Pallets are less damaged because they are not thrown
• Stable pallet supply to the line
• Can supply pallets of any size

Technical parameters:

• The machine only works in conjunction with the conveyor above it, which transports the separated pallet
• Loading weight up to 800kg
• Lowered forks height 400mm
• Raised fork height 1070mm
• Horizontal travel 1420mm
• Horizontal speed: 0.2 m/s
• Lifting speed: 0.05m/s

• Supply voltage 380V, 50Hz
• Device weight 650kg

Pallet dispenser 2