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We manufacture and supply rollers according to your requirements: free-rolling rollers, chain driven rollers, belt driven rollers. Rollers can be with a diameter of 30, 40, 50, 63.5, 80 and 89 mm, and a length from 150 to 1500 mm. The round axes of the rollers can be with diameter of 8, 10, 12, 15, 20, 25 mm, depending on the load and the roller diameter. Also, we supply rollers for heavy industry. Faberis has been manufacturing rollers for more than 15 years, therefore has gained a lot of experience in their production. We apply warranties to all rollers manufactured in our company. Contact us for more detailed information about rollers.


Types of rollers

1. Gravity conveyor rollers

 This type of roller is less costly alternative to the high-speed conveyor rollers. It is a great option for application where noise is not a problem. It is recommended to fit any type of conveyor. 

Standard roller

2. Covered rollers with a protective sleeve

Rolls coated with a protective sleeve are used wherever it is necessary to protect the surfaces of transported products from scratches. The sleeve is made of 2.5 mm thick Polyurethane (PU). 30, 50, 60mm rolls can be coated.

Roller with protective sleeve

3. Grooved rollers

We can form the grooves in the produced 50mm rolls, which are necessary to transfer the movement to the roll from the main drive shaft or to one roll from another.

Grooved roller

4. Rollers with plastic cones for turning conveyors

We make the conical rollers for the turning conveyor to special order. 

Conical roller



Types of roller shafts

1. A-G – Rollers with round axle

Shaft 1


2. A-HEX – Rollers with hexagonal rod (SW 11,2)

Shaft 2


3. A-SW – Rollers with round axle and milled ends

Shaft 3


4. A-PL – Rollers with plastic caps (SW 12)

Shaft 4


5. A-IGM – Rollers with round axle and internal threads at the ends

Shaft 5


6. A-MT – Rollers with threaded axle

Shaft 6


7. A-M – Rollers with threaded rod and locking nuts

Shaft 7



Permissible load on the roller, N:

Rollers specifications